Tirokafteri: The Wonderfully Versatile Spicy Feta Dip

While Tirokafteri may not be the most well-known Greek dip, it is truly unforgettable at first bite!

Our fiery orange Spicy Feta Dip aka Tirokafteri (τυροκαυτερή) combines the perfect blend of roasted red peppers for sweetness, roasted red hot chilli peppers, and creamy Skotidakis Feta Cheese. Mixed with Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tirokafteri offers beautifully complex flavours that make the perfect breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner, depending on how you enjoy it.

Our Favourite Recipes

Our dips are all made from the highest quality ingredients, and without fillers, so you can feel good about putting them into your body. As a result, we love experimenting with them to find the best recipes and uses so they can be enjoyed everyday! Here are some of our favourite fast ways to enjoy our zesty (ζέστη) Tirokafteri.

  • Breakfast: Spicy Scramble
    • Eggs and cheese are a natural pair. Stir a scoop of Tirokafteri into your scramble to transform your breakfast routine.
  • Snack: Tirokafteri Tiropitas
    • Mix one tub of our Tirokafteri Spread with one tub of Western Creamery Cream Cheese and one egg. Spread the mixture onto filo sheets and fold into triangles, into puff pastry and make little parcels, or into prepared filo cups. Bake until the pastry is lightly golden.
  • Lunch: The Ultimate Sandwich
    • Spread our Tirokafteri onto your favourite bread. Load it up with your favourite sandwich meats and greens (try pea shoots or arugula). Enjoy.
  • Lunch #2: Tirokafteri Salad
    • If you crave a light salad for your afternoon break, try spicing it up with a Spicy Feta Dressing. Simply add a splash of white vinegar or lemon juice to a glugg of Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil and a scoop of Spicy Tirokafteri. Mix them together until you have the consistency of a thick dressing. Drizzle onto your favourite salad greens!
  • Dinner: Cheese Overload Pasta
    • Boil up your favourite pasta. After you drain it, melt a heaping spoon full of Tirokaferi into it, stirring to coat all the noodles. Wilt your favourite greens into the pasta (try baby spinach, baby kale, or boiled rapini). Top with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

We would love to hear your favourite ways to enjoy Tirokafteri and our whole line of dips! Email us at to have your recipe featured.