Our Meze Dips are Available at the Following Premium Grocers:

You can always order Better than Yia Yia’s Authentic Greek Dips right to your door from RealFoodToronto.com

Choose from the Following Best-Sellers:

  • Lemony Hummous (Vegan)
  • Roasted Eggplant Melitzana with Walnuts (Vegan)
  • Organic Beets with Garlic “Skordalia” Dressing (Vegan)
  • Whipped Carp Caviar Taramosalata
  • Spicy Feta Tirokafteri
  • Cool and Rich Tzatziki

*Check store shelves and our Instagram feed (@BetterThanYiaYias) for new products!  More Vegan options to come this spring for lent!

What Makes our Dips Authentic?

  • We use Greek Products as much as possible including:
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the island of Crete,
    • Greek Sea Salt,
    • Krinos Tarama.
  • We source out the best and freshest products around including:
    • Premium Produce,
    • Ontario 14% Greek Yogurt and Feta cheese.
  • We fire-roast our bell peppers and eggplants;
  • We make everything in small batches;
  • We put a lot of love into every tub – that includes finishing each one with a healthy drizzle of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Nutrition Facts


Ingredients: Chickpeas, Tahini, Lemon, Garlic, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cayenne Pepper, Greek Sea Salt. Vegan. Gluten Free. May Contain Nuts. 


Ingredients: Roasted Eggplant, Walnut, Garlic, Lemon, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greek Sea Salt, Pepper. Vegan. Gluten Free. Contains Nuts. 

Organic Beets

Ingredients: Organic Beets, Skordalia Dressing (Garlic, Potato, Vinegar, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, Greek Sea Salt, Pepper, Organic Greek Mountain Oregano). Vegan. Gluten Free. 



Ingredients: Carp Caviar, Lemon, Shallot, Green Onion, Potato, Canola Oil. Gluten Free. Contains Fish.


Ingredients: Feta Cheese, 14% Greek Yogurt, Roasted Red Peppers, Roasted Chilli Peppers, Cayenne Pepper, Vinegar, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greek Sea Salt. Gluten Free. Contains Dairy.


Ingredients: 14% Greek Yogurt, Cucumber, Garlic, Dill, Vinegar, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greek Sea Salt, Pepper.  Gluten Free. Contains Dairy.