About Us


Better than Yia Yia’s was created by mother and daughter team, Joanne and Deanna Dickins, with the goal of sharing their fresh, traditional and naturally healthy recipes.

In late 2015, they began catering meals that earned rave reviews and repeat customers.

In September 2016, Joanne and Deanna launched their all-natural Authentic Greek Dips in Toronto. Made with premium ingredients including First Pressed Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ontario yogurt and feta, and pure lemon juice, the dips will transport you directly to a beach side taverna in Santorini.

Everything is made without preservatives, fillers or sugars, and are healthy, delicious and gluten free choices that your whole family will love.

The Authentic Greek Dips include the best-selling vegan lemony Hummous, Tzatziki, spicy Feta Tirokafteri, vegan roasted eggplant Melitzana with walnuts, vegan Organic Beets with garlic potato dressing, and whipped caviar Taramosalata.  They are available at Pusateri’s, McEwan Foods, The Healthy Butcher, Summerhill Market and Rowe Farms stores.

Our Catering items are delivered right to your door and seasonal menus feature whole, fresh, and local finds and authentic Greek ingredients.

All of our recipes are made with love just the way Yia Yia does it … only better.